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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

I’ll Have What She’s Having: Erin O’Connor in Harem Pants

Erin O'Connor at London Fashion Week on way to the Vivienne Westwood Red Label Show

Harem pants or voluminous pegged leg pants are tricky to pull off. More times than not you end up looking like you swiped the pants right off the back of Bozo the Clown… yikes!

But when worn just the right way, as Erin O’Connor demonstrated on her way into the Vivienne Westwood Red Label Show during London Fashion Week, the end result is sublime.

Here’s why…

Counterbalance extreme volume on one part of your body with something shaped on your other half. A boxy jacket in a contrasting color would add bulk, like it did in Sienna Miller‘s case.

However, Erin selected a a jacket with a fitted waist, strong shoulders, and an open V-neck in a in the same color as her pants to create a monochromatic long and learn line. What creates interest yet doesn’t break her figure is because the luxe jacket fabric complements the pants but doesn’t match it.

To further shape her silhouette, Erin is wearing slender dress pumps and has her sleeve rolled up a bit to show some skin.

The brilliant shock of her Mulberry Bayswater bag in Cerise calf hair is pretty darn hot!

Shopping idea:

Alexander Wang at ShopStyle


Photographer: Solarpix / PR Photos


Published on September 23, 2009

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