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Hula Hoop Mania: Hooping gets its sexy on

Alix hoops it out

Travel Hoop by Hoopnotica, fun and portable fitness that is pretty sexy too!

When Marisa Tomei said the best thing to achieve her super-hot stripper body for her role in “The Wrestler” was partly due to hula hooping, it was time to spill the beans as the resident hula hoop fanatic!

It may be the latest fitness craze, but I have been hooping for years and consider it my leisure sport– leisure suit, not included! I can attest to its many benefits – I had the best abs of my life this summer much of which I do attribute to adding daily backyard hooping to my fitness regime.

Hooping is also very meditative. Once you get going it’s like being in trance. You become calm and almost hypnotized by your own movement. After a rough day at work I have been known to come home and go straight to the backyard to release some tension with a little backyard hula hooping– no doubt it works!

And, it is also a very sexy workout. The motions make you feel and look sexy- I have had many heads turn when I hoop-dance. And who doesn’t want to feel hot while working out to get a hot bod?!

The Travel Hoop by Hoopnotica achieves its goal of giving portable and easy fitness to women on the go. And best of all, you look hot doing it. I personally wouldn’t trade in the gym entirely for the hoop but it is a great workout to add for your midsection and most of all – it’s fun!

The Travel Hoop is an upgrade the childhood hoop that you may recall: it’s much bigger in diameter which for adults makes it easier to hoop, it’s heavier – again making it easier to keep up, and the tape wrapped on the hoop has a bit of friction so it doesn’t slide allover.

Best of all, this exercise is portable! Putting together the hoop pieces takes seconds and once the hoop is deconstructed it’s very small. So small in fact I have now pledged to carry The Travel Hoop in my backpack on my upcoming world travels so I can bring my joy of hooping allover the world! Alix on the Go


>>>Hoopnotica web site

Published on March 23, 2009

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