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You don't need to hire a glam squad to look great. You just need to take charge. Let's get going!

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert

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What fires me up is helping the everyday woman feel ready for her closeup. SNAP, you can do it using my stylist skills!

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

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I teach grown up women to refine their ageless style, cut through fashion confusion, and confidently pull their chic look together!

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

  • Cannes Do Chic Hair- Heidi Braids and Soft Makeup Balance A Vivid Red Lace Dress

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Off-handed hair, by way of classic Heidi braids that juxtapose a brilliant red lace dress a la actress Sarah Gadon

    Wearing something vividly bold– as a red lace dress– can get tarty, fussy, or even dowdy if your hair and makeup are not in check.  Lace is a super trend this season but how can you pull it off for day or even a less formal occasion and keep your look right on track?

    With the right hairstyle and makeup, of course!

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    Sarah Gadon poses at the"Antiviral" Photo Call during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival Palais des Festivals

    Sarah Gadon poses at the"Antiviral" Photo Call during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival Palais des Festivals

    Actress Sarah Gadon‘s pretty look at Cannes (yes, a strawberry blonde wearing red) has effortless hair and make-up that’s a great juxtaposition with her evening dress. The easy hairstyle modernizes the dressy look and its styling becomes THE accessory to her otherwise unadorned outfit. And, nothing says summer more than an easy undo. These Heidi braids sure do the trick!

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    Here are a few simple tips to get Heidi braids for yourself this summer:

    • Comb dry hair back off your face using a fixative to keep hair in place.
    • Part the back of the hair down the middle and bring towards the face on both sides.
    • Braid loosely down towards the ends and use a small rubber band to fasten.
    • Lift hair on each side and place braid on the middle of the head and fasten with bobby pins that match your color.
    • Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the head.

    Note: Be sure that the ends are hidden and the braid looks like one continuous braid.

    Make-up should also be fresh with a berry stained lip, brows well-defined, a nude eye, and cheeks that look like you were “out in the cold”.

    We are also in love with the longer length dress has it allows you to keep your legs pale and natural and avoid the need to fake tan.— Gad Cohen

    Would you wear Heidi braids? What’s your favorite summer up do? Please share your comments below…


    Published on May 23, 2012

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