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Beauty Product Review- Kerstin Florian Caviar Skin Care

Correct Wrinkles & Tighten Up Your Skin, no problem!

Now let’s talk about tight smooth skin. I’ve recently spent a luxurious weekend pampering myself at a spa retreat and discovered Kerstin Florian’s Caviar Skin Care collection. I have suffer from dry skin, but was I glowing after they were done with me! They use advanced, sophisticated formulas based on nutrient-rich caviar, and collagen-boosting peptides. I know this all sounds foreign but the results help reduce fine lines and improve skin elasticity!

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Kerstin comes from a holistic spa background, combines that knowledge, and has created a luxury line of flawless skin care for both men and women. Listen guys, she has a brilliant raspberry post-shave extract. After shaving, it soothes razor burn, calms skin, and tones as well. believe me, you will love the products, and they have a price range for everybody. Check them out at www.kerstinflorian.com. –Brad Boles

Don’t have a caviar budget but still want gorgeous skin?

Avon has you covered on this one!

Yes, ANEW CLINICAL Advanced Wrinkle Corrector.

It’s the old-timer in anti-wrinkle products and one of the most solid in helping you maintain visible results.  Avon Anew Clinical is even a favorite skincare product of Sharon’s for years and years. You don’t always have to spend a fortune to have beautiful skin… it matters more about what works for you!

Available at Avon.com

Published on January 09, 2012

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