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Expired Cosmetics Mean It’s Time To Spring Clean Your Makup Bag

Is your cosmetic case overflowing with stinky makeup? Time to spring clean!

When it comes to makeup, there are several reasons you don’t want to hang on to your products beyond the fact that you really don’t use them that much.

Brushes and containers become contaminated over time. There have been over 30,000 reported cases of cosmetic-related allergies yearly. Conjunctivitis or cornea damage are the most common related to the eye.

Overflowing cosmetics? It's time to spring clean!

Overflowing cosmetics? It’s time to spring clean!

The shelf life of your makeup depends on several things. If you have a rancid odor always throw the product away.

Make sure to keep your eye and lip liners sharpened regularly. This prevents any unwanted bacteria.

Unused makeup should be kept in a dark area without extreme temperatures.

Always keep your containers clean and properly screwed on.

If your products have expiration dates on them like many foundations, try and stick to the date rather than keep it forever.

  • Concealer- 12-18 months
  • Powder- 2 years
  • Eyeliner- 2 years
  • Eyeshadow- 2 years
  • Mascara- between 4-6 months depending on usage
  • Foundation- 12-18 months depending on whether it is oil or water based
  • Lipliner- 2 years
  • Lipstick- always check for a rancid smell as an indicator to throw it away. Experts say between 2-4 years
  • Lipgloss 18 months
  • Nail Polish- 12 months

Wash your brushes regularly every 2 months in baby shampoo or a mild detergent and your sponges weekly. –Brigitte Bigeard

From super-sized train cases to sweet little makeup bags, we have you covered to keep you cosmetics in order:

Lead makeup case photo:istock

Published on March 31, 2010

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