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Absolution- Bespoke Organic French Chic Beauty

Beauty Product Review: The aroma, the packaging, the customization… ooh la la

There are days where we feel like we are bombarded with beauty product review requests. Sadly, most are all more of the same and end up in that big round file in the sky.



But every once in awhile, there’s a line that absolutely catches our eye, and in this case, it’s both eco chic and French chic!

Absolution Bespoke Organic Unisex Cosmetics have recently made their way into the US from France, and how lucky we are.


At first glance, the award-winning graphic packaging is instant eye candy for our overcrowded bathroom shelves and appeals to our minimal design aesthetic.

Then, there is the addictive and vibrant and clean scent that’s neither cloyingly sweet nor overtly overbearing… I could spend my day applying the Le Soin Regard anti-aging eye contour booster just for a reviving whiff or two.

But, what you really want Absolution for, is for its 6 times award-winning skincare range and novel approach to customization.

Absolution bills itself as the first made-to-measure-certified organic cosmetic brand. There is a well-edited range of 9 core products with 4 unisex booster Solutions– Radiant, Anti Aging, Control, and Revitalizing– to mix in a drop for absolute customization. Each package is designed to deliver the precise about of beautifying elixirs to make your routine both effortless and effective. Perfection!

Available at Space NK and absolution.me online & available in 20 countries worldwide.

Published on June 14, 2011

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