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Holiday Nails- Manicures, Pedicures & Festive Glam, Oh My

Go ahead, take a gamble. There’s a party somewhere and holiday nails will get you there.

Even if you have not partaken in the not-so-classic nail polish bandwagon, there’s no excuse now not to dare to do something different. You have no excuse but to be bolder without being garish this season.

An instant swipe of nail color is a quick fix splurge up tzuj up your look. Where else can you get the sublime nuance of  the chicest of the chic designer color for around $25-$30. In nail polish, of course.

Tom Ford Jardin Noir Nail Lacquer, Dominatrix-Beauty

Tom Ford Jardin Noir Nail Lacquer, Dominatrix-Beauty

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If you’re a nude girl, try a rich red on your finders. If you want an extra festive edge, go deep sea green. Glitter, sure why not on a pedicure? No time better than now to get bluesy. Deep purple is more than a head shop band.

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Keep your manicure in tip top shape with these tips from Dior:

– To create the illusion of length on short or wide nails by applying the varnish to the centre of the nail, from the base to the tip, avoiding the outer edges.

– Create long-lasting manicure by applying nail varnish to the edge of the nail to make it last longer. Add a thin top coat the day after the manicure.

– When you get a little chip, rub the affected nail slightly with a little nail varnish remover to loosen the colour, then add a thin lather of varnish followed by a top coat.


I pulled a handful of grown-up glam colors for some very chic holiday nails:

Photo via Dior

Published on December 07, 2012

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