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Plumper crop of lip tricks for a fuller pout

Organic Lip Plumper has a yummy taste, too

Juice Beauty organic Lip Plumper has a yummy taste, too | StyleThing!

Face it, girls can be cruel.

There was some diva that became known as Liver Lips for her protruding, squished, above-it-all grimace. Then there were the countless rejected men known as Chicken Lips—explanation, not necessary.

Never been much to carry on about the extreme lip augmentation craze with its sudden desire for a bigger than life Angelina Jolie pout. But, certainly do become transfixed in wonderment when someone has had enough lip filler injected into them that their kissers start to resemble the bumper of a souped-up SUV. Sorry, but a plumper bumper trout pout is just not sexy. Not in my opinion, anyway.

Steering clear of extremes, a little lip plumping can go a long way.

Slightly fuller, plumped lips will smooth out some fine lines and wrinkles or balance out a less than robust pout. The beauty shelves are inundated with 101 non-surgical ways to achieve bee-stung lips in one easy application. Some of them are cumbersome, while others sting more than a real bee bite—ouch!

Until I’ve discovered Lip Plumper from Juice Beauty.

The handy tube of creamy Juice Beauty Lip Plumper is made from organic ingredients and has the yummiest tangerine taste in town- it’s so scrumptious that you may even find yourself indulging in new neurosis of substituting the cosmetic treat for a sweet snack. After a quick swish, your pucker appeal will appear modestly fuller, smoother, and moisturized thanks to nourishing vitamin E. All around, your mouth will have a kissable, natural, and youthful glow— that sounds pretty luscious around here!

–October 2, 2006

Available at:
Whole Foods
Sephora and Sephora.com

Published on October 02, 2006