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Nail Trends: Put your finger on fashion…

Short metallic nails

Maybe it’s the Gemini in us, but nothing gets our gaga going more than any trend that does double-duty.

We love a classic blood red nail, but it is just too much with all the luscious embellishments this season. We are also crazy that the right touch of metallic can make any simple outfit soar from ordinary to extraordinary.

What’s a girl to do to get a modern mani? Ditch the pinks. Rest the reds. Curtail the corals. Taper the talons.

Go for the short nail with the big impact.

Snap up your fall look with glam metallics. Think of heavy metals infused with pigment and sheen like the patina of rich auto exteriors and you’ve nailed the right color for your next manicure.

–August 25, 2004

Published on August 25, 2004

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