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  • Prada Fragrance launch…

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    The sweet smell of success


    There really should be a support group for those addicted to Prada.

    They have it. They need it. They gotta get it. They live for it.

    No other designer in recent history has caused such a stir among devotees as Miuccia Prada. Any fashionista worth her weight in acquisitions can smell a piece of Prada from yards away.


    Now, that style sniffer can literally inhale the aroma of the moment with the launch of Prada Fragrance.

    Prada Parfums first introduction blends a contemporary and classic scent with a modern take on ancient essential oils, precisely merging the perfect recipe of amber blended with sandalwood, patchouli, and other references fusing East and West in a truly magical way that is the hallmark of Prada style.

    Now the Prada junkie, fashion connoisseur, or new recruit can wear Prada in yet another way.

    -September 23, 2004
    .Exclusively at Neiman Marcus and the Prada stores
    .Nationwide at select stores from October
    .Sephora.com– scheduled launch October 15th
    .NORDSTROM.com-scheduled launch Oct. 18th

    Published on September 23, 2004

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