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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

  • Summer runway hairstyles…

    Summer hair styles right off the runway… Just what you need to put a kibosh on boring hair

    Our biggest hair feature ever- Runway photos for each top trend and easy how to get the look tips

    Dear Sharon: My hair is just blah! I want the shaggy 70’s bang look that’s in right now but I don’t know how to get it. My hair is not very long – mostly past my shoulders- and I’m wondering if it is still possible to get that look with my length of hair. If not, what would you recommend?

    I’m sick of putting my hair into a ponytail- I want to wear it down and sexy. Please help my boring hair. –Fash-Mag-Shag (Downers Grove, IL)
    Dear Fash-Mag-Shag: Is it possible that you could live in a town with a name more suiting to a girl suffering from a mega dose of the doldrums? The only one who could help you from looking boring is you, you little vixen-to-be of acute ennui. Boredom breeds from stagnation, go out and try something new rather lolling around and pondering a wall of what ifs!

    There’s nothing that will freshen up your look faster than a new, modern cut. If you’ve been wearing your hair exactly the same way for more than a couple of years, it’s time to rethink. And there’s no place better to get preview of what’s in than the fashion runways, so I’ve enlisted the hair team from Bumble and bumble to share everything you need to know about what’s hot for hair this season, including some simple how-to tips.

    Yes, The Rock Solid is one of the top four hair trends. But, shaggy, rock star looking hair does not have to be long- just look at Mick Jagger! What it does need is a stylist who understands and flatters the shape of your face, hair texture, and then snips the layers in the right place so your edgy Dido intentions don’t have you come out looking like a bubble haired Barbie.

    View the hairstyle photo gallery for this hair trend

    runway models

    Like with any new hairstyle, find a stylist who excels at that kind of look. See the stylist’s work before you commit to something new and get a good sense that you are both on the same wave length (these puns are wrecking me). Since descriptions are open to interpretation, bring along some photos of the look that you are after- we’ve got plenty to share right here!

    Plus, don’t miss our FrontRowFashion.com photo coverage of the other big hairstyles, the Ballerina, Beach Combers, and Pretty Woman- it’s our biggest hair extravaganza, ever!

    Watch how your hair is styled, what products are used, what kind of brushes, rollers, or styling irons your hairdresser uses so that you can replicate the look yourself. No matter how amazing a new cut is when you walk out the salon, you need to know how to achieve the same results at home—ask questions.

    To get a hall of fame Rock Solid do at home, Bumble and bumble stylist Dante Pronio advises, “For long, chunkier bangs and solid colors, blow-dry with Thickening Spray for volume and shine. Lightly mist fingers with Bb. Gloss and work through for a piecey look with definition and shine.”

    But who says a ponytail needs to be boring? Make the easy to go style a little edgy like the way it was worn on the Alvin Valley spring runway. Or, try a more of a just had fun in the sun Beach Combs feel. Dante says, “This look is easy to achieve and it looks great with many hair types. Mist the hair with Tonic Lotion and comb through with your fingers. Then spray a generous amount of Surf Spray on the hair shaft, braid loosely and let dry. After a few minutes, undo and style for a loose, beach bum look.”

    View the hairstyle photo gallery for this hair trend

    runway models

    A modern updo can be very alluring. It’s versatility makes it the perfect hair style for a bride, evening, special occasion, or a casual day. To achieve a better than classic Ballerina, Dante suggests, that you “Blow dry with Styling Lotion to smooth the hair and seal the cuticle. Then coat the hair with Bb. Grooming Creme before fastening into a low ponytail. Secure the hair into a delicate chignon with bobby pins and finish with Does It All hairspray.”

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    runway models

    For all you debs and wannabes, there’s a trend to super-feminine hair. But, it’s not old school, saccharine sweet fussy, Pretty Women hair is just styled enough to bring out your inner karaoke diva who craves belting out a remix of “I Enjoy Being a Girl” while twirling around in that cute new flirty fifties skirt. “To get a lady-like hair style with a modern edge,” Dante says, “go for a little bit of dishevelment. Blow-dry the hair with Bb. Thickening Spray applied to the roots, back-comb at the crown and pin back with a barrette or pins. Finish with Does It All hairspray to keep volume at the front.”

    View the hairstyle photo gallery for this hair trend

    runway models

    Forget the frump, go for the razzle-dazzle!

    –May 13, 2004

    Published on May 13, 2004


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