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The Return of the Headband- From Red Carpet to Lazy Day, It’s an Instant Do!

Ditch those stuffy images of 1980′s French Chic helmet hair tucked in place with a bulky headband. Forget Mary Richards and her rigid flip. Say toodleloo to the overdone fascinator.

There is something refreshingly modern atop the chicest heads on the red carpet, like Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams (pictured above) at the Golden Globes, when looking to polish up something as everyday as a casual Sunday sweater.

France Luxe Comfort Headband at Nordstrom's

France Luxe Comfort Headband at Nordstrom's

The headband is back.

Holding every stray hair in place and still having the tactile appeal of allowing you to run your fingers through your hair, this updated version of what was once one of the most popular hair accessories, captures an easy undoneness that makes it so alluring.

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There really isn’t one particular style to go after, chose from thin faux tortoise, sparkly yet simple bands, or a sensuous wrap of fabric, there is a headband out there to suit every head shape and hairstyle.

The key is whether gamine or goddess, go for a look that appears effortless.    

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Photos: focusonstyle.onsugar

Published on January 18, 2012

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