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Barbie’s 50th Birthday: Photos galore for the doll who doesn’t age

Christian Dior Barbie

Retail Remedy: Bloomingdale’s largest public display of Barbie dolls in North America ever, and we have the photos!!!

You know, we have a thing for our favorite doll Barbie. We were thrilled when we heard Fashion Week Barbie mania was coming. We brought you the Barbie fashion show photos asap.

Now, on the day of Barbie’s 50th birthday, we bring over 100 photos in our Barbie photo gallery below of the Barbie 50th Birthday Celebration at Bloomingdale’s New York– the LARGEST public display of Barbie dolls in North America!!!





Barbie Exhibit at Bloomingdale's

Barbie Exhibit at Bloomingdale’s

It’s the sickest Barbie bonanza– over 100 Barbie dolls on display.

You will go bananas looking down the memory lane of Barbie dressed in just about every outfit imaginable from Bob Mackie to a hospital Candy Striper, from a flight attendant to pansuited presidential candidate, from Malibu tan queen to a very chic Christian Dior’s “New Look” from 1947.

There’s even a MC Hammer addition (oh, those Hammer Time pants are sooo trendy now) and homage to Tippy Hendren in Alfed Hitchcok’s The Birds, complete with attached feathered creatures– I told you it was sick!!

You’ll love it.

If you are not in New York to see the plastic princess in the flesh at Bloomingdale’s, don’t worry… look at our BARBIE PHOTO GALLERY OF OVER 100 PHOTOS below

Right after the photo gallery, there’s some pretty cute Barbie shopping online too.

Happy 50th birthday Barbie, you look marvelous!!!


Published on March 09, 2009

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