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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

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My old (in an ageless, where does time fly kinda way) colleague from my SHNS newswire days, Lee Woodruff, one the brightest and funniest pr babes to ever pitch a lipstick, wants to share something on far more serious note than the right shade of gloss for the holiday season, “Support Our Troops” is no longer a slogan. It’s an action.”

Helping someone is indeed bigger than a lipstick, but you can kill two birds with one very amazing stone– get an early start on holiday shopping and do some good for someone who has sacrificed so much! Look at the gorgeous goodies up for grab that benefit Remind.org, the Bob Woodruff Foundation dedicated to helping to heal the physical and psychological wounds of war.


Bid on a wide variety of products, experiences and great fashion and beauty must-haves like a Vera Wang Multi-Colored Mirror Necklace, a Bulgari briefcase, Gucci luggage, Vuitton and Dior handbags, beautifiers from Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Fresh, Le Mer, Nars, Make-Up Forever, Cle de Peau, plus greats wines, fab internships, hard-to-get tickets, and more showstoppers.


Try your hand at a simply stunning necklace from another old friend (in an ageless, where does time fly kinda way), Jan Sneed of Badgely Sneed Designs. Lynne Badgely is Jan’s partner… you may want to note that her son Penn Badgley, also Jan’s godson, is starring in Gossip Girl, along with everybody’s It Girl, Blake Lively. Look at it, I can entice you into perusing the auction like crazy with all sorts of fabulous factoids, but nothing can top helping someone who helped America.

All proceeds benefit the Bob Woodruff Foundation, Bob and Lee’s charity which helps wounded service members and their families heal. Take action to make a difference to the more than 300,000 of our troops who have come back from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with some form of a brain injury, PTSD, combat stress or debilitating depression. And who need our help.

The online auction starts here:http://www.charityfolks.com/remind

To bid, you must be a registered user with Charity Folks — the same as you would for any similar site, like eBay. Set up a logon name and a password — and you’re good to go! To register for Premium Bidding, please contact Charity Folks Concierge at 646-747-5956!

Published on November 11, 2008

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