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NY Fashion Week: Custo Barcelona fashion show review

Custo Barcelona

CUSTO BARCELONA | Runway Fall 2009 Collection-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Love Custo!!!

I realize Custo Barcelona clothing may come off as ridiculous to some, it makes no sense, but that is what is to love about it!!! Wild patterns, a million colors all at once, texture mixing and playing no where near the rule bookfashion on acid – doesn’t that sound amazing?!

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There was a lot of shine – very hairy, sparkly fabrics, sequins and beading, metallic brocades, shiny satin and once again this beaded strand material similar to what I saw at Thuy. It was fabric upon fabric upon fabric to create tons of volume and playing soft romantic textures with 3-D furry fabrics. With all the fabric mixing and volume created it amazing each piece still had a feminine shape to it – many were cinched at the waist or if they were more boxy they were short or sleeveless to reveal a tiny body underneath. The pattern and shocking color mixing is what I revere most, it really should make no sense, but when it all comes together it looks complete and fitting – zany and cartoonish for sure, but the styling makes it works. It’s fun.

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The women’s collection I think is much more wearable than the men’s collection. The mens is fun, totally wonky, but men generally don’t push the limit when it comes to shocking dress code, whereas on a woman it can be pulled of. My complaint is that their color brown did not sit well with me when paired with the bright colors, any garment that had this mustard / chestnut brown with bright aqua made me a bit nauseous!

If i could have had one wish it would have been for Roger Rabbit to have been hopping around the runway with the models starting some shananagans. That would have complimented the show nicely!

Besos, Custo Barcelona.Alix on the Go


Published on March 05, 2009

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