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NY Fashion Week: Joanna Mastroianni presentation review

Joanna Mastroianni

Joanna Mastroianni Fall 2009 Collection…

This was a very tight, high society eveningwear line not over looking a single detail and using stunning fabrications.

I do love the hoop-la that goes along with the runway shows, but I must admit, these intimate presentations not only make you feel not just like number but you can see the construction, the fit, the fabric textures and all the hand sewn details up close and personal which gives a bigger appreciation.

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This line I felt could really suit a broad age range as well (which was aided of course by the 19-year old skinny models!) going from a young socialite off to a rooftop cocktail party all the way to a woman in life’s 3rd quarter headed to a philanthropic dinner at a museum.

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Whether I personally adored the styling or not, EVERY piece was impeccably made, fit to a tee and accentuated a woman’s body where it deserved to be accentuated – note here I mean the open back, collar bone and nipped waist, there were no peg leg pants here for a reason!!!

The fabrics were stunning – anything solid had a subtle texture once you took a step closer, making it not just a solid. My favorite was an oversize rose pattern in magenta and red which at first one would thing was a print but it fact it was a jacquard.

An array of hand beading, a stunning white dress with black leaves and beading hand applied, a sheer organza dress and cape covered in swirling beads and satin rosettes….every detail was attended to making each piece very special and one of a kind. — Alix on the Go

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Published on February 22, 2009

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