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NY Fashion Week: Lela Rose fashion show review

Lela Rose

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week- Lela Rose, Fall 2009 Collection…

Finally a show with color to keep our recession spirits up and remind women that party attire should indeed be fun.

There is also a fantastic play of texture – chunky woven tweeds with a hint of metallic, shiny silks mixed with sequins, flowing silk chiffon as well as stiff and shiny satin.

The shimmer caught everyone’s eye, nothing was flat and it allowed for a lot of movement when on the body.

The ombre coloring had a modern romantic effect especially on the pieces that had ombre color stripes from sequins.

(photo gallery below)

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Some very simple cocktail dresses had pleats in a chevron formation which made something so simple have depth, my favorite of these was a silk number again utilizing the ombre coloring starting with eggplant on top, into a berry, into a burgundy color at the hem.

I loved the pop of chartreuse - not your everyday fall color but when paired with royal blue and black it really popped and it was a nice complimentary color to the shades of berry and purple.

Great chunky jewelry too, reminiscent of the Marni jewelry from last spring – large funky shapes all strung together on long necklaces.

So far this is one of my favorite collections thanks to the colors, the shimmer and no peg leg pants!Alix on the Go

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Published on February 18, 2009

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