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NY Fashion Week: Luca Luca fashion show review

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Luca Luca – - Fall 2009 fashion collection…

The high society soiree hopping woman reigned supreme here recession or not.

As always very feminine with the look of the silverscreen, refined and classy. Fitting the show would be held at the Plaza Hotel, the Luca Luca girl would only be seen in such a lobby.

The hair and make up almost stole the show, I couldn’t keep my eyes of the models faces – just beautiful!! Fresh skin and wide eyes, matte red lipstick in the color of absolute love and matching nails but not matte, instead quite shiny.

This woman is a heart breaker.

(photo gallery below)

Full body hair with big, soft curls cascading down the backs of the models. Every woman wants to look like this because there is no chance in hell a man would turn away.

The clothing was classic elegance, everything was fit in at the waist and with the exception of a huge fur coat, everything was body skimming and below the knee in deep rich shades of black, red, charcoal and navy. I generally can’t stand velvet but I was impressed by a long velvet dress with a cowl neck and very exposed back… or maybe it was the hair and makeup that made the velvet look so good! Alix on the Go

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Published on February 17, 2009

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