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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

Shoe Sculpture: So Posh that you will want to nab the celebrity look!

Victoria Beckham leaving Claridges Hotel in London wearing the Open Toe Flash Pumps from DSQUARED2.

Victoria Beckham, Eva Mendes, and Beyonce love pumps with an architectural heel

The architectural heel is still going strong.

Celebs have been showing their support of pumps that double as some pretty fabulous shoe sculpture by way the the open toe Flash Pumps from DSquared2, pictured here and soon to be available at Zappos.com . Take a close look at the very fabulous metallic flash heel shape– so pretty, so chic! Keep reading on- we will show you ways to nab the essence of the celebrity style on your own..

Victoria Beckham shows off one of her gazillion Hermes bags with this violet Kelly number, skinny zipper-side pants, and almost black nail polish poking out of her peep-toe DSquared2 Flash pumps.

Eva Mendes put some edge to a feminine floral sheath dress with her Flash pumps.

Eva Mendes at a Los Angeles premier in DSquared Flash pumps.

Beyonce powers up the sex appeal in Essence magazine with a pair of Flash pumps.

Beyonce wears the Flash pumps in Essence Magazine.

Want to get the style elements of the celebrity fashion worn with these amazing shoes? Look here:

Photos, this page only, courtesy of DSquared2.

Published on March 30, 2009

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