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  • Weekly Web Roundup: 08.06.09

    web roundup

    Who said what online…

    FocusOnStyle.com connects you to Gwyneth Paltrow’s and Donna Karan’s doc, Frank Lipman, M.D. to kick off a series to end exhaustion from Dr.Lipman’s latest book, Spent so you can feel totally revived before fall fashion week starts.

    Whether girlawhirl is ready or not, here comes fall 2009 fashion.

    SheFinds puts together everything about The September Issue

    Smarter Fashion shows us how to use oversized fashion accessories to distract from your unfavorable attributes.

    StyleBakery.com is loving Scarlett Johansson’s mismatched look

    The Beauty Brains take a walk down memory lane and blog about old TV commercials for shampoos. Judge for yourself whether or not the guy in this Prell commercial is creepy!

    Published on August 06, 2009

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