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  • Zac Posen for Target is Cute Cheap Chic- Preview Photos

    It’s starting to feel like if you are a designer without a collaboration, you’re missing out on a piece of the mass pie.

    Target has had some of the more style-friendly collaborations of late and now they bring you Zac Posen for Target, a sweet chic little line of cute summery clothes for the young fashionista and few solid pieces for those more grown-up.

    This collaboration offers Target’s first full-length gown and tuxedo suit— a perfect budget fashion solution for prom!

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    Plenty of flirty and punky influences with a nod to 80’s fashion, the Zac Posen for Target collaboration even has a metallic swimsuit.

    We’re sure you will a few fun pieces for a very cheap chic summer.

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    Photo Gallery of top 10 Zac Posen for Target Looks:

    Where, when, and how much:

    Ranging in price from $16.99-$199.99, the collection will launch in Target stores and on target.com April 25 and will be available until May 30.

    Photos, this page only: Target

    Published on April 02, 2010

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