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Amy Winehouse Clothing Line… Yup, it’s a fashion go!

Amy Winehouse Arrives at the Westminister Magistrates Court in London on March 17, 2009

Let’s think about this one…

Amy Winehouse first pounced on the music scene with her amazing voice and unique and edgy punky fifties-flashback style.

Then, all that sketchy stuff started happening and happening and happening. But I– we– do believe in second chances. Possibly even a third in some special cases.

No matter how you look at it, Amy still rocks her image and personal life is meant to be, well, personal.

So here we have it with the morning news from WWD, Amy Winehouse joins the ranks of a zillion other celebrities and gets her own fashion line! She is developing a fashion collection with London label PPQ, designed by Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker, the design team who worked with British “It Girl” Peaches Geldof for her fashion foray last year.

If we clean up Amy’s image, not to sanitized Hannah Montana ‘role model’ status but more to dye splotches rather than blood stains on super cute ballet flats, would it sell? I think so! Manufactured punk is a very marketable commodity and in the right hands, a definite fashion yes. The scariest part of it all, I too once had a vintage fifties sundress back in the eighties that was quite similar to the one Amy is pictured in– I also wore an elastic belt with it– wonder what I did with that dress.

I can hear the fashion blogosphere all aghast over the possibility of an Amy Winehouse clothing line and have one thing to say, don’t condemn until you see the goods!

You go girl, your style is brilliant, for you!

Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos

Published on May 26, 2009

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