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  • Backstage Beauty at Westminster Dog Show

    not for a walk down the runway but for a prance around the ring.

    Dog shows, fashion shows… it’s all about the same when it comes to looking maaahvelous!

    What has plenty of high hair, even for Snookie standards, and lot’s of primping and sprizting?

    The 134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden that coincides this year with New York Fashion Week.

    Benching area at the Westminster Dog Show

    Benching area at the Westminster Dog Show

    It certainly was a blitz of bitches and sires for backstage beauty time in the benching area, with fur flying and tempers in check. Funnily, the champion canine cuties were as, if not more, well-mannered than many a two-legged counterpart. Certainly not a behind-the-scenes cat fight in sight!

    Also happy to see that the Let’s Go Designs dog walking jacket that we told you about was stealing the show in the vender area across the street.

    Baby, are those curlers?!

    Baby, are those curlers?!

    We planned our visit last night in support of our favorite breed, the poodle- toys, miniatures, and standards. But all the dogs were pretty gorgeous getting ready for their walk around the green carpet!

    Miniature poodle judging

    Miniature poodle judging

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    Published on February 17, 2010

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