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  • Target Lights Up New York and Affordable Fashion in Spectacular Show

    She’s baaaack! yes, Alix Kivlin is back from her year long trip around the world and in full fashion gear… we’ll get her to share her global tales one hemisphere at a time later, but for now, she’s in a New York state of mind. -S.H.

    The fashion scene put a lit-up, psychedelic twist on the fashion show concept with Target’s Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular at the Standard Hotel.

    The ordinarily modern and sleek Standard Hotel turned into an LED disco ball with one entire side of the building being used as a light show flashing and flickering along to music pumping into the night.

    Models on stage

    Models on stage

    Not only were the lights choreographed to the music, but each room had a dancer, and in unison they jumped and jived in perfect precision! To top it all off, there is a glowing 3-story runway showcasing fashion from designers at Target!

    If someone was passing around laced fruit punch I feel fine having not gotten any, it wasn’t needed!

    Rainbow lights

    Rainbow lights

    As a fashion writer I admit my focus was drawn entirely to the mesmerizing and fantasical light and dance show being put on before me, I was highly distracted from the clothing, which looked decidedly up-market and designer chic even at affordable Target price points.

    Fantastical view above me.

    Fantastical view above me.

    It felt somewhat epic to be a little person staring up at this huge building on the New York City waterfront all lit up and blarring music like a dance party. Jersey was jealous watching from across the river.

    It was a fashion spectacular indeed.— Alix “On the Go” Kivlin

    Photos: Alix Kivlin & Target

    Published on August 22, 2010

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