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Ooh la la, Barbie In Paris…

Barbie dolls dress shoes in the windows of Colette Paris

Barbie mania is even hitting the super trendsetting Colette boutique in Paris…

And you thought celebrating Barbie’s 50th birthday was reserved for Americans?!

Well, Barbie is going French chic as a fellow expat American in Paris as she decorates the windows of the always trendsetting Colette boutique in Paris where she celebrates her birthday, March 9th-28th.

Always ahead of the curve, never skipping a beat, Colette is the must-have stop for discovering what’s on on the trend radar. And our girl, Barbie is it!

Barbie at Colette

Barbie at Colette

There’s an in-store Barbie bonanza with Barbie inspired clothing, jewelry, and makeup, and the “Barbie and Ken” exhibition by Karl Lagerfeld!!!

Super cute and totally girly goodies like a MP-3 player disguised as a Barbie makeup compact , chocolate bars that celebrate each year of Barbie with her photo on the wrapper, and kooky earrings of just Barbie’s lip and eye .

Let’s hear it for the boys… we don’t want to miss French Ken, so the he-doll is also well-represented in the window.

To quote Barbie, “A plastic tan never fades,” nor do you!

Ken at Colette

Ken at Colette

Published on March 13, 2009

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