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  • My Love for Boys is very, very good…


    In a Blonde Haze/My Love for Boys…

    The artist Vincent Gagliostro, our art director, my friend, and the one you want to blame for hiring me on my first stylist shoot a century ago, has collaborated with artist Susan Shup on a brilliant video art film called, “In a Blonde Haze/My Love for Boys.”

    The video’s title is based on a line from Le Livre Blanc by Cocteau, “as far back as I can remember and even at the age when the mind still has no power over the senses, I find traces of my love for boys”. The sleek and edgy video is in concert with the Slick 2008 art fair in Paris this weekend.

    My Love for Boys

    “In a Blonde Haze/My Love for Boys”
    Miss China Beauty Gallery at Slick 2008
    October 24-27
    104/Centquatre 5 rue Curial, 19th arr.



    Published on October 25, 2008

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