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Header Affirmation 4 – FASHION SHOWS/RUNWAY

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  • Best of Milan Fashion Week- Fall 2011

    Runway Review Snippets: Prada, Jil Sander, Missoni are my top 3 shows

    A quick little baci from Milan Fashion Week…

    Leave it to Milan to amp up Fall 2011 with a series of forward thinking outings that were as full of nuanced personality as they were of wearable ideas.

    Here’s a quick look some of my favorites, destined to inspire wardrobe additions and style inspirations. –Naveed Hussain

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    An intoxicating mix of nostalgia from Yves Saint Laurent in the 80’s to sci-fi mermaids with an achingly hip 60’s undercurrent to the demure dolly-girl dresses, Muiccia Prada’s Fall outing was hedonistically other worldly pastiched with the most charming display of femininity.

    Jil Sander

    There’s not much to contemplate with Raf Simon’s latest smash hit for Jil Sander with it’s easy on the wear sensibility. Sportswear with a clean spirit met with a techno Couture hybrid made for a sensational collection full of impeccable must-have appeal.


    Bravo to Missoni for using the catwalk as a refreshingly seductive foundation for fantasy rather than an all-out knit parade. Something about the magpie layering, devotion to sublime technicolor and the over all fairy nymph appeal paid off big for the Milanese house. — Naveed Hussain

    Photos: VagabondNYC

    Published on March 01, 2011

    Published on March 01, 2011

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