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Betsey Johnson Runway Review & Backstage Fall 2012

Betsey Johnson F/W 2012

What a fun time you’re bound to have at a Betsey Johnson show, and the fall 2012 show was no exception! Whether the clothes cater to your fashion aesthetic or not, the show itself is not one to be missed. On top of the pumping rock music and a colors-of-the-rainbow light show, you have massive scale bold prints, sequins, rhinestones, faux fur, tulle, bright saturated color, pink, pink, pink, and a heavy splash of cheetah. Sounds like a helluva party indeed!


Betsey Johnson F/W 2012

Although the line as a whole was a bit overwhelming and not wearable for everyone admittedly it’s pieces pulled separately though, could add a great punch to your existing wardrobe. There were great outerwear pieces, perfect for fall and winter; a black wool maxi trench lined in leather, a fur bomber, the plaid cape with the bright collar, to name a few. An array of party dresses (Betsey’s specialty) can suit any occasion with slinky, sequin mini dresses or the fit n’ flare styles, heavy on the poufy tulle. My favorite version was the nude sequin bodice and tutu skirt. While a pair of floral print silk easy pants caught my eye as a great statement pant to be worn with a solid blouse or a skimpy tank; keeping your pairings solid rather than bold print on top of bold print. Another great look, and possibly most wearable ensemble down the runway was the seamed black leather skinny ankle pants worn with a cropped, multi color sequin collarless jacket – smokin’. The pimp hats, fur scarves and pink tights I will steer away from and advise others to do the same.

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Betsey Johnson F/W 2012

Betsey Johnson is like Red Bull for clothing. Fashion needs it’s dose of freewheeling wings, and Betsey brings it on! The grand finale of course is the runway cartwheel, executed with perfection and a huge smile!

See how the party got started backstage pre-show….

Betsey Johnson F/W 2012

Backstage at Betsey Johnson….

Betsey Johnson F/W 2012

Betsey Johnson and Alix Kivlin

Betsey Johnson and Alix Kivlin

Blasting music spun by dj’s, balloons, colorful hand drawn posters, candy strewn around, racks of bright clothes and amidst it all, stands Betsey backstage. fielding interviews and photo ops, and never once looking irritated or stressed that her backstage is like a packed party and the show is set to begin in 20 minutes!

Rhinestones are being applied to model’s eyelids while their hair is being flat ironed and their nails are being painted in opi’s new collaboration with Betsey Johnson – and the multi tasking never ends before a show. The backstage vibe was fun and empowering, reminding us all that a true performance was about to begin!  – Alix Kivlin

 Alix’s photo gallery of the Betsey Johnson Show:

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Photos & Words: Alix Kivlin

Betsey Johnson in-store now:

Published on February 14, 2012

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