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Chris Benz Fall 2012 Runway Review

Chris Benz F/W 2012

Runway Review: From New York’s unparalleled color fanatic Chris Benz comes a collection fit for a dolly girl with a little Eliza Doolittle thrown in for extra character.

Chris Benz’ latest outing sees the designer forgoing his dialogue with 70′s Americana done up in a myriad of bold hues and vivid prints for something a little more retro, slightly disheveled and wickedly off-kilter for a collection that’s certainly not to be confused with any other American designer.

Sure, there were vague hints of early Marc Jacobs seen here & there when inspecting proportions, say the shrunken princess coats for one, but as usual, Benz is a designer that doesn’t take himself or fashion too seriously and that studied hand made his jeweled & sequined numbers shine brighter than they ever could under someone else’s watch.


Chris Benz F/W 2012

As always, Benz delivered a heady, well-served mix of prints, textures and hues to keep his avid fans happy while hitting upon references that we’ve never seen this designer work with which made the collection all the better as it’s clear that Benz has a knack for making real clothes for real girls packed with enough fashion to keep everyone happy.

Chris Benz F/W 2012

Patchworked to the max with contrasting panels perfectly in-tune with fashion’s recent print craze, Benz’ vaguely 20′s inspired dress is certain to make for one irresistible party dress full of universal charm.  – Naveed Hussain

Chris Benz in-store now:

Published on February 14, 2012

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