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Emporio Armani- Spring 2012 Women’s Fashion Show Video

Emporio Armani Spring 2012 Fashion Show

Watch Emporio Armani Spring / Summer 2012 Women's Fashion Show video:

Photos of the Emporio Armani Spring 2012 fashion show:
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In their words…

Emporio Armani
spring / summer 2012
Milan Fashion Week


   A game of colours that achieves a new and distinctive sense of depth. A
   contemplation  on  the  significance of line, silhouette and graphics –
   elements  that  define  the  equation  connecting substance and void. A
   reflection   on  the  dialogue  between  fashion,  current  trends  and
   contemporary artistic talent.

   The jackets with their masculine cut glide over the body, the shoulders
   delicately suggested to soften the line. Dresses and skirts are longer;
   ranging  from mid-knee to mid-calf – shorter at the back, longer at the
   front  – they possess a graceful air of nonchalance. The trousers, easy
   on the hip, are slim and svelte at the hem to create a sleek leg-shape.

   Black  and  white  as well as pale shades of green, sky blue and pastel
   pink,  framed  by  leather, knit or silk trims that outline the clothes
   within  the  overall silhouette, like precise black brush strokes. Just
   as a frame emphasises the radiance of the picture it encloses.

   The  same game of outlines recurs in the see-through PVC maxi bag, with
   its black and natural details; this also comes in a two-tone version or
   with  reptile  skin  features.  For a final neodesign touch, there is a
   striking necklace shaped like a collar in rigid plexiglass that repeats
   the black or white collection leitmotif.

Photos & Video: Emporio Armani

Published on September 26, 2011

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