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Header Affirmation 4 – FASHION SHOWS/RUNWAY

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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

  • Oakley

    Oakley Fall Winter 2005 Fashion Collections- Runway Show Photos- FocusOnStyle.com



    fall winter 2005

    website: oakley.com

    Olympus New York Fashion Week
    first peek

    Dear Gorgeous Darlings, In its first runway presentation, Oakley nailed the groovy slopes look that is cool enough to really mix with everyday streetwear! The winter bright palette and rocker cuts add fashion to form, function. -S.

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    Oakley Oakley Oakley Oakley Oakley
    Oakley Oakley

    the look:
    snow bunny who loves to have fun
    techno-savvy pieces that go from active day to casual night

    the colors:
    snow white, golden yellow, hot pink, deep aquamarine, punk black, olive, cinnamon, op art dot print

    Published on October 14, 2005

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