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  • Highlights from Paris Runways- Spring 2013 Balenciaga, Celine, Dries Van Noten, Stella McCartney

    Get inspired right now with highlights from the Paris Runways for Spring 2013

    Too much fashion too fast coming your way during fashion month? While we may agree and said last week with Milan, consider the collections ample reason to bulk up on instant style advice that you can try at home -TODAY!

    >>DISCOVER: Highlights from New York Spring 2013 Fashion Week

    Fresh off the Paris runways that just closed comes our seasonal take on notes you shouldn’t miss, condensed for you here to hit your closet and go. With all of these ideas coming your way, we can’t imagine not getting started.


    What keeps it all exceptional and most certainly refreshing were the new takes on what can look pretty and minimal right now.

    Stella McCartney-

    Stella McCartney Spring 2013

    Stella McCartney Spring 2013

    Stella McCartney’s hit after hit collections just keep getting better and better. Spring saw the designer working with key trends throughout her spring collection.

    Minimal, monochrome, easy on the wear daytime options -check. Eighties inspired proportions from dropwaists to strong shoulders -check. Vivid injections of lush color while keeping with the season’s acquired simplicity -check.

    Pitch-perfect, it made for one of Spring’s touchstone collections to keep your eye on as it was on point and to your benefit, easy to imagine wearing off the runway.

    Stella McCartney Spring 2013


    Balenciaga Spring 2013

    Balenciaga Spring 2013

    After Fall’s sensational ‘Office’ collection comes a refined proposition on what to wear outside of work chez Balenciaga.

    Sensual ruffles, more classically minded footwear and a real-world friendly assortment of silhouettes paired with Nicolas Ghesquiere’s signature takes on the sportif made this collection all the more enchanting.

    It was quintessentially French, modern and as always, possessed the right amount of studied cool as only Ghesquiere could make a simple tweed suit have you do a double take.

    Balenciaga Spring 2013


    Celine Spring 2013

    Celine Spring 2013

    With many a runway suggesting a return to minimal, palette cleansing options comes a surprisingly playful yet strong outing from Celine.

    Taking a cue from Celine will always lead you in the right direction…

    For starters, the mix of luminous satin, monochrome navy’s, blacks and ivories, and cartoonish footwear topping off ultra-deluxe, thoroughly modern propositions here made for an irresistible collection. Not to mention the extoic sculptural effects that Japanese inspired knots and origami folding brought to the table.

    From the navy topper (above) to the frayed maxi dresses in unexpected natural linen, it made for another winner.

    Celine Spring 2013

    Dries Van Noten-

    Dries Van Noten Spring 2013

    Dries Van Noten Spring 2013

    Spring sees the master of the elegant mix combining grunge era inspired plaids and pajama dressing with vaguely retro elements and styling for a collection that was rife with relaxed glamour.

    And while many a runway were composed of a subtler sensibility, Van Noten’s stood out as a remarkable feast packed with something for just about everyone. Who could resist an abbreviated kimono robe paired with a ladylike embellished skirt (above), when it just looks so cool and evokes an entirely new vocabulary when it comes to daytime elegance?

    When looking through the outings highlights, the key-note to keep in mind is how smartly each look was composed and layered.

    Dries Van Noten Spring 2013

    Published on October 04, 2012

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