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L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani Fall 2011 Runway Review

New York Fashion Week Highlight: If you don’t want to cross trends, Gwen Stefani makes sure there’s at least there’s a little something for every city treading girl

Gwen Stefani is going to give Betsey Johnson a run for her money as far as fashion performances go.


Because the Fall 2011 collection, which was the final show for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, was a production of music, video, choreography and themed clothing.

 A huge video screen hung at the end of the runway showing video appropriate for each of the six mini collections; beginning with an army/combat capsule, a Rasta/jamaican capsule, a Brit punk capsule, the Japanamation capsule, a mod 60′s capsule, and ending with a perfectly posh Gwen capsule.

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That’s a wide variety of styling, meaning there really will be something for everyone in this collection!

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I preferred the styling of the opening combat capsule and the Rasta capsule best.

Fatigues never seem to go out of style and seeing camo print in pleated silk and army green worn in a wide funnel neck utility jacket puts a spin on your basic cargo pants.

The bright southwestern print paired with the Rasta styling hit home particularly in a floor length halter dress.

I am over the punk-ish Brit, menswear look, it’s too much of the same and not creative enough compared to the other capsules.

The last glam capsule also had some great night-out dresses, everything in black with distinct draping and worn with gold with Gwen platinum hair.

The biggest take away, besides the overall incredible performance, was that you can try different styling within one line. Or if you don’t want to cross trends, then at least there’s a little something for every city treading girl. – Alix Kivlin, words & photos

Published on February 18, 2011

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