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Header Affirmation 4 – FASHION SHOWS/RUNWAY

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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

  • London Fashion Week Street Style Trend: Knit Beanie Hats, Day 1

    Wow, we’ve got Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week wrapped for fall 2013 and want to give you a hint on what they’re wearing on the other side of the pond with a daily trend from the London Fashion Week street style ladies that you can shop stateside.

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    Beanie babies! The first day’s up is an easy-peasy colorful knit beanie to dress down your bold seperates. Not quite the ubitquitous hipster hat, and one step up from a fun snowboarder’s cap, but this knit cap looks just right somewhere in between. When it comes to fit, have the boyfriend beanie loose enough to not create hat hair with some extra volume at the hat’s crown. Simply cute.

    >> SHOP IT: We made it easy for you to get the beanie look with these knit caps that we pulled for you…


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    Photos: Our photog in London

    Published on February 16, 2013

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