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  • Michael Kors Fall 2011 Runway Review

    New York Fashion Week Highlight: Every look was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and every look conveyed the essence of the luxe jet-setter lifestyle to which he caters in complete perfection.

    It’s borderline impossible to ever say that a Michael Kors collection isn’t just stunning.

    After seeing this Fall 2011 collection it is actually impossible.

    Because every look was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and every look conveyed the essence of the luxe jet-setter lifestyle to which he caters in complete perfection.

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    As always, his color palette is built strictly on solids and with the exception of the bold red that came down the runway in a few looks, it was a very warm and soothing range of color – mauve, nutty browns, champagne, charcoal and that signature camel.

    No one nails the shade of camel like Michael Kors!

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    The overall feel of the garments was well-draped with a lot of easy movement. Essential when you’re running out to the runway of your private jet!

    There was the occasional blazer and trouser that fit perfectly snug, but for the most part we are seeing fluid motion with each step. And a lot of sparkle too!

    The shimmer maintained it’s sleek attitude and never hit the level of overkill; this was strongly aided by the colors he choose to make shine (a sparkling champagne orblack sends a far different message than a sparkling red or blue) and the silhouettes he choose for them.

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    Besides elegantly draped shimmering gowns, there were a few fitted tops that worked well being paired with a clean and simple pant. And then there was the black shimmering lounge pant that seems to be allover the place these days and can only be worn as seen here, with a basic and crisp white blouse.

    If true shimmer and sequins is too much for you, there was the silk charmeuse that keeps a strong sheen but can be worn easier. It looked particularly beautiful when worn with a wool or cashmere counterpart, or even better, a big fluffy fur.

    On the matte side there’s always the essential jersey and cozy sweater knits that pair perfectly with anything, including your favorite pair of jeans.

    My favorite stand out pieces were the red dress with shiny, pewter metal neck piece, a shimmering champagne colored jumpsuit that appeared to be a layered tunic over pajama pants, and the camel silk charmeuse jumpsuit, such an easily draped fit, worn with an asymmetrical leather belt.

    I am having a thing this season all around with the splendidly easy fitting jumpsuits, they are an absolute must!

    Let’s not forget another Michael Kors touch to the runway – the return of supermodels. Thirty years going strong and certainly anotherthirty impeccable years to come. — Alix Kivlin, words & photos

    Published on February 18, 2011

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