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Naeem Khan Fall 2012 Runway Review

Runway Review: When you seek an unerring eye for the simplicity of perfect luxury, look no further than Naeem Khan.

If there was a world greater and beyond than what a starlet wears on the red carpet, that glamourous world would belong to no other than Naeem Khan. Under the radar for the set that only know of  designer names from what is uttered when a microphone is shoved up to answer the “who are you wearing” question yet savored by women who really do have a lifestyle that garners the wearing of timeless elegance. To truly savor the collections’s beauty, you must see it up close and on the runway as photos cannot do it justice.


Naeem Khan fw 12

Naeem Khan fw 12

The architectural silhouettes boasted a simple elegance that never overwhelmed the models while delivering an abundance of magnificent detailing by way of metallic thread work embroidery, felt appliqués, antique mirrored beading, and beaded lace. In the mix were full skirts that cascaded down from the waist and weren’t of the girly prom cut sort that have so overpopulated the red carpet as of late. These full skirts are designed for women, not Barbie dolls.

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Metallic sheath dresses had a graphic and sculptural edge that glistened rather than glitzed and the collection had an understated elegance that evoked what it means to dress in the highest of luxury, not to just create the illusion with smoke and mirrors.

Naeem Khan in-store now:

 Photos: Image.net and FocusOnStyle

Published on February 15, 2012

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