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Y & Kei

Y & Kei Spring Summer 2005 Fashion Collections- Runway Show Photos- FocusOnStyle.com

Y & Kei

 Y & Kei

Y& Kei
Water the earth collection
spring summer 2005

website: yandkei.com

Olympus New York Fashion Week – first peek

Dear Gorgeous Darlings, The ethereal princess who flutters into a room and performs her unmistakable magic before transcending above her more tailored sisters will find an abundant wealth of fashion possibilities in Y& Kei’s well-edited and painterly hued collection of pieces as delicate as a butterfly but as strong as the woman who dons them. -S.

Click on each picture for an enlarged view.

 Y & Kei  Y & Kei  Y & Kei  Y & Kei  Y & Kei
 Y & Kei  Y & Kei  Y & Kei  Y & Kei  Y & Kei
 Y & Kei  Y & Kei  Y & Kei  Y & Kei  Y & Kei
 Y & Kei  Y & Kei  Y & Kei

the look:
“blending opposing elements to create one soul
Asian imagery combined with western design sensibility
modernity with hints to the past”

the colors:
garden party palette, lilac, dandelion yellow, geranium, grass green, dawn blue, angelic, ivories, natural beiges

Published on October 14, 2005

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