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Closet Makeover for the best hangers ever

A fashion fanatic’s clothing hang-up

The best closet makeover hangers keep the most delicate clothing neatly in place, without slipping or falling off.

I really must share my newest obsession: the best velvety hangers.

It’s not because the fuzzy-wuzzy velvet finish feels good. It’s because these closet makeover hangers keep the most delicate clothing neatly in place, without slipping or falling off. There’s nothing worse than trying to get dressed in a hurry only to find that your favorite designer number has slipped off its hanger and is now buried in a mangled mess at the bottom of your closet- ouch!

Closet real estate can be pretty tight, and the last thing you want is cramped and wrinkled clothing because of bulky hangers. Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers are lightweight enough not to take up too much closet space, are delicate enough to hold an ornately beaded blouse with care or keep a spaghetti strap dress from falling to the bottom of your closet, and strong enough to hold a coat or leather jacket in place- to me, that’s closet heaven!

Organizing your closet with ease takes a little more than the perfect hanger. Store clothing neatly arranged in order by garment type, then color, and then season. Your closet will visually look more organized and it will be far easier to quickly find what you’re looking for.

The Joy Mangano Complete Closet Makeover System is an added bonus to keep your closet in check– it comes with a variety of Huggable Hangers, plus an assortment of closet organizers- for me, the fuzziness makes them the best hangers ever!  The only thing else that you’ll need is the motivation to clean out your closet. Get going!

>> Where-to-buy Joy Mangano closet products and the best hangers:

Shop now for the famous Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers and other fun and practical solutions from this “mom-trepreneur” only at HSN!

–January 27, 2006

Published on January 27, 2006

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