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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

Club Monaco Launches at Shopbop Now

Here’s a capsule collection that wins my approval!

If you want effortless chic at an affordable price, you’ll love this curated collaboration…

In all honesty, the whole collaboration idea is getting over-saturated and over-rated. Who cares if a high-end handbag designer slaps their name on a plastique bag and sends it out to the masses? It’s still an extension of a marketing scheme and something that you wouldn’t/shouldn’t be caught dead wearing with or without the "designer" name?

But every so often there is a colloboration that makes style sense. Club Monaco at Shopbop is one.

Club Monaco has been a fashion insider’s not-so-secret spot for picking up fashionable pieces without an eyeball bursting price tag. Shopbop has some of the best on-trend fashion online. Curate some of the best looks that represent the two brands by ShopBop’s fashion director, Kate Ciepluch and you’ve got a winner!

I particularly love the timeless, off-handed chic of the outfit pictured above. The silk Club Monaco Iman shirt has the right amount of safari-esque influence to be modern but not trendy. The Club Monaco Kaylyn Pleated Plaid Pants have enough of man-tailored feel to be comfy without being shapeless…. I’d roll the ankle to wear with flats or sneaks for a more casual weekend vibe. Here are a few more of my favorite pieces…

Club Monaco  Emmanuel Shearling Jacket

Club Monaco Emmanuel Shearling Jacket

The Emmanuel Shearling Jacket has a Burberry aviator jacket vibe

Max Blazer

Max Blazer

The Max Blazer has just the right amount of lightly padded shoulders to be modern without the highly-structured linebacker feel. Wear to the office, weekends, and over a simple sequin dress for a dressed down evening out… camel is THE color of the season!

Brie Hat

Brie Hat

The Brie Hat adds dash to any outfit… an instant wardrobe updater!

SHOP more from Club Monaco at Shopbop: (to come)

Photos: via Shopbop

Published on October 13, 2010

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