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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

Felted by desire: Try a real hat

Sure a beret is cute. Try a Trilby, down turned fedora or floppy felt hat for some big time drama.

There’s a definite chill in the air. It’s hard to chic when you’re all bundled up.

You really must treat yourself to something major– in a big style rather than big ticket way.

What about a big ol’ serious felt hat?

Sure we love a fluffy faux fur cossack hat. Who doesn’t like a beret? Knit caps are cute and practical.

But you crave drama, the drama of a statement making hat.

Aqua Floppy Felt Hat with Patent Trim at Bloomingdale's.

Aqua Floppy Felt Hat with Patent Trim at Bloomingdale’s.

A fedora with a down brim. A smart Trilby. Or, that big floppy felt that we’ve been drooling over since we saw it on the Ralph Lauren runway.

Something important. Something big, but wearable.

The key to pulling off a serious hat is to not be too serious about it. Nothing obvious or trying too hard. Certainly nothing too kooky or gimmicky, unless you the chutzpah to carry it off.

Natural. Easy. Timeless and chic. Classic with some menswear inspiration—that’s how we like our hats.


Try our hat shopping guide:


Photo, Ralph Lauren hat courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Published on December 08, 2009

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