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The Flatform Shoe is Fashion’s Newest Buzzword, Just Think Flat Platform Wedges

Goodbye jegging, sayonara, shootie, it’s hola flatform!

Say hello to fashion’s newest hybrid buzzword. It’s "flatform" floogie with a floy floy. Floy doy, floy doy, floy doy



The Flatform Shoe. One part flats. One part platform. Looking best when on a wedge.

What’s made an impact on the Spring 2011 runways, and a staple in my personal closet, is a very wearable, flat platform that’s been dubbed a flatform and causing a bit of emails around here today as the buzzword du jour.

While the buzziness of the shoe trend that was seen on the runways of Chanel, Prada, Vena Cava, Derek Lam, Fendi, Marnie and more may be big news, the actual wearability and presence of the style has been around for ages, particularly on the cobblestone streets and beachy resorts in Europe.

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What makes flatforms so darn comfy is that the angle of the platform is fairly straight so you get the feel of a flat, a bit of arch support, and the height of platform… what’s not to love?!

Derek Lam Stacked Wedge Platform Pumps at Saks.com

Derek Lam Stacked Wedge Platform Pumps at Saks.com

So, go ahead, think of this as a timeless trend for comfy footwear.

The reason that flat platforms are so on trend and hot right now is that it is in perfect proportion for a longer, full skirt or pants that really need the heavier sole to look modern and balanced.

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For super high flatforms that aren’t the the most popular wood or espadrille soles, try a pair with a split wedge for flexibility, like the Fendi pair, right, that is split into three sections by cut away partitions.

Fendi Platform Sandal at Farfetch.com

Fendi Platform Sandal at Farfetch.com

What flatforms work with…
Flowing maxi dresses, full leg pants, wideleg jeans, asymmetrical hems, the general 70′s drapey feel or anything with fullness at the hemline.

What they don’t work with (unless you are Herman Munster)…
Skinny jeans, narrow capri pants, pencil skirt or anything form-fitted and lean. Stick with some pumps or a more angled wedge in this case.

I pulled some flatforms (ok, ok flat platforms) for you to consider:


Published on March 21, 2011

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