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Feet RX: Foldable Ballet Flats slip into your bag

Collapsible shoes for when you need to take it down a notch

Don’t you just hate it when you’re all dolled up and your feet start to kill you? There are times when those amazing platform heels are not as 24/7 as you wish.

For those moments when we wished we had a pair of emergency flats tucked away for the rescue, comfort is on the way.

Foldable flats from Fit in Clouds, Aftersole, Yosi Samra, and Citislips

Foldable flats from Fit in Clouds, Aftersole, Yosi Samra, and Citislips

Trending now is the notion of stashing a folding ballerina flat in our bag, desk drawer, or even in the glove compartment of our car– collapsible and cute flats to be at the ready when we need help to take a load off our too-fabulous-to-function feet.

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Haven’t you raced from an event to dinner and just can’t keep up your regular speed in skyscraper heels? Did you underestimate the “first time wearing’ comfort of your brand new shoes? Face it, schlepping from airport terminal to airport terminal in heels is really a no-fun zone- not to mention putting your boots back on to use the airplane loo.

That’s why back-up ballerinas that collapse into next-to-nothing are the new big thing.

We’ve road tested folding flats from Cityslips and Fit In Clouds, plus a roll-up style from Aftersoles– all have soles said to be sturdy enough for city streets and certainly would come to the rescue when compactly tucked inside our purse or carry-on bag. Yosi Samra Fold-up Ballet Flats are another option and come in both leather and suede for more of a ‘real’ shoe look.


Foldable Flats:

More info:
cityslips at shoebuy.com


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Published on December 21, 2009

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