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Grunge Fashion: Part Deux…

Coffee Beans and Warm Leatherette

Grunge Fashion: Part Deux, Coffee Beans and Warm Leatherette- it’s all about designer Glam Grunge

Seattle had it. Marc Jacobs put it on the fashion map. Kurt Cobain gave way to Kate Moss, and the early 90′s are a lifetime away. Well, except in the land of the unwashed, granola-with-a-toke dudes and dudesses where it possibly never went away.

Grunge is back in a big fashion way! This time it’s glam grunge, if you will. More Alexander Wang with a dash of Balenciaga inspiration rather than a thrift shop overkill of fill-your-bag-for-five-bucks at the Haggle ‘N Hoard. Modern grunge one-ups the thrift shop rag version and is more about well-honed vintage mixed with good design and better fabrics. Ok, grunge purists, we understand your angst, but this FASHION grunge, after all!

Think of the essence of a downtown rocker with a northwest casual vibe with an eye for off-handed irreverent style. It’s wholesome yet urban at the same time– grunge but not grungy. You may already have some grunge elements tucked away in your closet and you may want to update a bit more. Mix and match for personal style, it’s more about how you wear it and your attitude than the exactness of the trend.

Try:Comfy, earthy plaid paired with amazing second-skin leatherette pants or leggings. Curb-kicker Doc Martens or fringe moccasin booties and lacy tights paired with an ethnic floral mini. Your boyfriend’s shredded jeans (or a look-a-like designer version) and that to-die-for satin blouse. Keep your hair deliberately undone, wear a tight-fitting knit cap, and add some smoky eyes… you’ll be good to go glam grunge.

Glam Grunge Shopping Guide:

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–November 18, 2008







Published on November 18, 2008

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