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  • Hosiery Trends: Ban the Bare Leg…

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    Hosiery Packs a Punch!

    Ban the Bare Leg, Hosiery Packs a Punch- Stylething FocusOnStyle.com, colored hosiery, bold tights, fashion trends, fall fashion, update wardrobe

    Flashback: 1994. Demi Moore plays a powerful attorney who forgoes her pantyhose in the film Disclosure .

    Result: For almost a decade, bare legs and a pair of heels are a fashion must for looking sexy and hip.

    Enough! While the bare leg still endures… it’s just not as fashionably relevant or cutting edge as opaque tights. And, it’s the easiest way to update your wardrobe on the cheap.

    Instead of stems blue from frostbite, let’s give a leg up to legs with color-packed pow. The fall trend is no color is too much color when it comes to hosiery. There’s a nod to mod from Marc Jacobs that makes white tights nice- not to mention electric blue, ink, orange, and lilac.

    Forget about matching your hose to your shoes- the look is total color contrast.

    If color is not your thing, opt for texture: ribs, herringbones, lace, and jacquards. There’s nothing better to show off a mini than big statement legs. Be bold, be now.

    –July 23, 2003

    Published on July 23, 2003

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