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  • How to Wear a Scarf In Your Hair For A Touch of Vintage Summer Chic

    Sure, it’s a bit 80’s retro but the sassy head scarf looks so fresh now

    As summer heat is quickly coming upon us wielding it’s hideous attempts to wreck our hair, what is a babe like you to do to look great, beat the heat, and keep the hair off your face?

    Twist a little scarf on your head for instant chic!

    Take a cue from the street chic inspiration photos from Stylesight or think back to the clubby days of early Madonna for a little head scarf style. It’s really simple and easy and the look and feel depends on the design of your scarf.


    If you feel a bit clumsy, there are even some faked headbands that look like a scrunchy scarf.

    I prefer more matte finish crepe de chien, cotton, or chiffon scarves as silk or scarves with a more shiny fabric tend to slip out of my hair.


    Here’s how to wear an 80’s inspired head scarf:

    • Get your summer groove on with a 80's inspired head scarf

      Get your summer groove on with a 80’s inspired head scarf

      Fold the scarf the in half into a triangle.

    • Then fold several times, with the tip of the triangle inside, to create a long strip.
    • Twist the strip a bit so it looks more carefree.
    • Place scarf from the back of your head and knot the two ends slightly off-center on your head to avoid looking like Minnie Mouse ears.
    • A larger scarf can be tied into a bow, but don’t be too precise.
    • A smaller scarf, even a fun cotton handkerchief, can be simply knotted once. I have a preference for a knot over a bow as it doesn’t look at young.
    • Use a bobby pin that matches your hair color to secure the scarf on the back of your head.

    Photos: Stylesight

    Published on June 04, 2010

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