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  • Marimekko at H&M…

    Fast fashion meets pop style

    Marimekko at H&M tribute collection. Fast fashion meets pop style.

    There’s nothing that beats a vibrant punch of color on an otherwise dreary day. Add some fast fashion to the pop style mix and you have the perfect limited edition Marimekko collection that debuts at H&M stores today.
    Then First Lady, Jackie Kennedy created international awareness to the Marimekko label when she wore the bold color combinations during her husband’s presidency. Fast forward forty-odd years later and gorgeous prints for home and fashion still herald as must-have chic.

    The H&M design team dipped into the massive 1960’s archives of Marimekko vintage prints for their inspiration and came up with a witty, fun, and absolutely delicious collection for men and women with yummy color combinations of red and pink; olive and orange; red and turquoise; red, white and black.

    Buy on… these will sell out!

    – April 10, 2008


    Published on April 10, 2008

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