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Working the Red Carpet…

Oscar fashion tips to learn from

oscar Fashion 2007- Celebrity style. Working the Red Carpet. Oscar fashion tips to learn from.

Ever since Joan Rivers first squawked, “Who are your wearing?” what you are wearing at the Academy Awards catapulted itself out of bitchy coach potato gossip into a mainstream fashion marketing event. Frankly, I find the old days of anticipating what kooky outfit Cher will wear and who made a fashion blunder far more thrilling than the stylist cleansing of any major fashion faux pas.
True to new fangled form, there weren’t any big time fashion disasters at the79th Academy Awards. There were simply some dresses that one just wouldn’t care for. Every event seems to need a fashion scapegoat for a funny soundbite. At the Golden Globes it was newcomer Rinko Kikuchi who took a lot of flak for wearing her frothy, white Chanel Haute Couture gown often mocked as the “poodle” dress. At least she stood out and knew how to work the kookiness of its design and was able to put her own unique style stamp on it. I thought she looked adorable. This go round at the Oscars, Rinko continues to opt for Chanel Haute Couture, but in a far more safe and elegant design. Jennifer Hudson, who was styled by Vogue’s Andre Leon Tally, took her place on the receiving end for backseat fashion hecklers in her choice of distinctive glamour– a soft brown draped Oscar de la Renta jersey gown worn with a metallic python bolero which had a high collar, aching to be the comic relief for those in dire need of a fashion one-liner. Such much for looking out of this world!
If anyone wants to break in on celebrity fashion choices, what about the putrid pastel stream of heavily beaded, matronly gowns befitting of a small town mother-of-the-bride on her first big night out? I know these ongepatshket dresses “sell,” but the stars should be stylesetters, not pander to the garment center sales team. It is always better to take a fashion risk, than risk appearing dowdy.
Fuss-free, magnificently constructed gowns in vivid colors were genius for both the wearers and the cameras. Nicole Kidman was stunning in red. Jessica Biel demonstrated that with a fantastic figure, anything more would be gilding the lily. I loved Diane Keaton presenting in a simple black shirt and trumpet skirt, she looked both elegant and hip, and like herself! Penelope Cruz knew that if you were going to do it up, do it really up with a showstopper.
Simple sleek hair and pretty makeup were a winsome accompaniment to the big drama dresses and drop dead jewels. “May I have the envelope, please” referred to evening bags. Was there one actress who was not carrying a small clutch bag? That’s the fashion accessory that everyone can win with for their own special night out.
–February 28, 2007

Published on February 28, 2007

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