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Sock It To Me…

The shortie sock (aka : the anklet) is “it”

Forget about blisters this summer!The shortie sock is IT in a big way.

Forget about blisters this summer!

The shortie sock is IT in a big way.

It’s not the bobby soxer or the little girl anklet. It’s a nod to 80′s retro, but not the frilly Madonna “Like A Virgin” kind.

The shortie sock–like this gumball pink one from Hue– has a distinct touch of modern funkiness– bold colors, wild prints, edgy lace, and wacky textures.

Most important, it’s worn with high-heel stunners, updated wedgies, or pointy flats.

Besides the fact that the shortie sock is sooo of-the-moment cute, we like them because they are way more comfortable than stuffing bare feet into high heels on a hot day… ouch!


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Published on January 01, 1998