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Studded fashion trend, grommets on the side…

It’s stud puppy madness!

Studded fashion trend, grommets on the side | Stud puppy madness!

Who doesn’t need a fling with a gleaming stud, or two, or three who shows off your wild side? Sit back ladies. It’s not about the boys, it’s about the studded fashion.

The stud fashion trend has been loitering for a couple of seasons but studded clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories are full on fabulous for spring. And in their little edgy way, have obtained cool classic status rather than its fast fad fringe cousin.

When you need a little metal action to toughen up some strong shoulders, leather jacket, vivid neons, shredded denim, drapey tunics, or silky tanks, look no further than a pair of studded sandals or heavy metal hobo bag.

Too timid for studs, try some grommets or rivets for a little lighter take on tough girl chic. Want the look without the metal? Opt for some gain plastic pyramid studs that add dimension without the hardware.
Feeling crafty?

The Original BeDazzler Tool

is back on track and there are even

stud refills in silver and gold

to fulfill all your DIY studded fashion dreams.

Studded fashion shopping ideas:

-April 1, 2009

Published on April 01, 2009

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