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Forget Worst Dress, Miley Cyrus Wears the Stupidest Dress We’ve Seen In a While

Mr. Blackwell must be turning over on this one!

Miley Cyrus in her TP inspired number

Miley Cyrus in her TP inspired number

We really hate to mean because she is still young and have to admit that in some odd way this outfit is better than a pole dancer’s getup. So let’s just think of this as a fashion courtesy.

Afterall, shouldn’t friends tell friends when they have toilet paper stuck to them?

At last night’s AMA Awards, Miley Cyrus walked the red carpet in what appeared to look like a mega roll of toilet paper that gathered up in her undies and unrolled itself into a infiniteless train down the the red carpet.

We understand that it is the American Music Awards and Miley probably wanted to look a bit more out there, but did she want to look flushable?

All we know is that if toilet paper can have softness done right, this dress was done very wrong.

Wouldn’t you tell your friend when some TP is stuck to her shoe or her dress is caught in her undies?

We would.

Let’s just hope she didn’t have spinach for dinner… who would check her teeth?

MORE on the late Mr. Blackwell

We pulled some short white dresses that don’t look so… eh… flushable:


Photographer: Bob Charlotte / PR Photos

Published on November 22, 2010

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